Transfer Trailer

Wesco’s transfer trailers are the ideal solution for moving sand, gravel, rocks, asphalt, or any other building material. Our standard tubs feature an elliptical shape with 10ga AR400 sides and a 3/16ths AR400 floor for years of reliable performance. The standard tubs are 15 feet long and feature 12 over sides, for a total capacity of 31.7 cubic yards for the set. Other sizes, thicknesses, and capacities are available to suit your business needs.

The chassis transfer tub rides on a Wesco high tensile steel inverted-J frame supported by Hutchens H9700S 3-leaf springs on top of 5 inch round axles with outboard centrifuge drums with enclosed camshafts. A front pull-style Jost double-row turntable steers the chassis, while 16-1/2 inch by 7 inch air actuated s-cam brakes provide stopping power. Automatic slack adjusters with spring brake release are standard on the front axle.

We mount our chassis body transfer (CBD) chain drive on the inside of the chassis to keep the pulling force as close to the centerline of the tub as possible. The chain drive is powered by a 12 volt heavy duty single motor and a double sprocket chain. The truck body transfer (TBD) and CBD are lifted by a 6-3/4 inch commercial-grade 4-stage hydraulic cylinder with a 135 inch stroke. An optional cylinder with a 156 inch stroke is available.

Wesco can also re-skin your existing tubs and refurbish your trailer set to its former glory. If you need your tubs re-skinned or your trailer repaired, contact us for your custom quote.

engineering drawing for a transfer trailer set and chassis
wesco transfer trailer set showing transferring mechanism.
wesco transfer trailer set at an earthen dam

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